PRODUCTS CSW-Black / CSW-Color / CSW-LED / BIPV(All-Types)

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  • CSW-Color

    Available in a variety of colors and shapes

    As a next-generation BIPV product that can be used as a building exterior material, it is suitable for the era of renewable energy, and it can be supplied in various colors and shapes that customers want according to the building design.

  • CSW-Black

    All Black product with invisible cell

    CSW-Black is an All Black type color BIPV product that creates new values for buildings through sophisticated images.


    Future Convergence Products Combining Clean Energy and IOT

    It is the world's first solar media complex designed for use as a Media Wall during the day and at night.

  • BIPV(All-Types)

    Building Integrated Photovoltaic System

    (Power production function + role of building exterior material = composite function) It can be applied to various fields in various forms.