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CSW-Color (Color Solar Wall)

CSW-Color is a next generation BIPV product that acts as a building material to answer renewable energy needs.
The product can be adapted to the requirements of the customer, such as offering various colors and shapes.

  • The world’s first color BIPV Product with various colors
  • A next-generation color solar exterior that can be used by penetrating sunlight to the internal through a patented special coating technology
  • Increase the value of the building by implementing various colors
  • Customer customization system


CSW double-layer structure


  • Dark Gray
    • Model: CSW-DG
    • Color: Dark Gray
    • Size : 1,060 x 1,060 x 28 mm
    • Pmax: 180Wp
  • Light Gray
    • Model: CSW-LG
    • Color: Light Gray
    • Size : 1,060 x 1,060 x 28 mm
    • Pmax: 160Wp
  • White
    • Model: CSW-WH
    • Color: White
    • Size : 1,060 x 1,060 x 28 mm
    • Pmax: 100Wp
  • Blue
    • Model: CSW-BL
    • Color: Blue
    • Size : 1,060 x 1,060 x 28 mm
    • Pmax: 158Wp


Next Generation BIPV

  • Building exterior materials with solar cells and energy production functions
  • Aesthetic improvement (non visible of internal solar cell color and shape)
  • Ability to customize colors and power generation
  • Layer to block moisture and foreign substances from entering


  • Strong durability, insulation, and fire resistance
  • Reduction in building maintenance fees

Design Improvement

  • Offering various of colors
  • The importance of the aesthetic of exterior of buildings due to market characteristics
  • Use as design element to increase the value of the building as an environmentally friendly building material
  • Strength to maintain the original design of a building

Energy Generation

  • Installed at various locations on the building such as curtain wall, roof, and on the outside
  • Can be installed on the newly-built buildings and existing buildings